Creativity is key when planning a baby shower. Don’t bore your guests with pink and blue decorations, get innovative! Be creative and organized by planning your shower based on one theme. There are tons of themes to choose from but don’t get overwhelmed, just pick the one you like the best and let your imagination do the rest. To help get you started here is one fantastic theme, sure to please any mother-to-be. Nothing is cuter than a baby in the bathtub, so why not use that as your baby shower theme? Here are some great ideas to making your Rubber Ducky baby shower a success.

Decorate your home with galvanized tubs filled with blue water (use blue food coloring to dye water) and float rubber ducks and duck shaped candles on top. Galvanized tubs beyond your budget? Check your local craft store or dollar store for less expensive alternatives. Instead of filling tubs with water you could inflate blue balloons to make small “bubbles.” Hang shower curtains in place of fabric curtains to give an ordinary room a bathroom atmosphere. For table decorations, use blue, yellow, and white balloons with stuffed duck animals for weights. Use paper plates, cups, and napkins with a duck motif found at your local party supply store to continue the theme.

Play a fun game with your guests that will take you back to your childhood! Gather miniature rubber ducks and mark several with and “X” on the bottom and float them in a bucket of water. Have guest choose a duck and the lucky ones that choose the ducks with an “X” take home a luxurious gift basket of scented bath products. These are just a few ideas to help inspire you, get creative and happy planning!

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Baby Shower Duck Theme – Rubber Ducky