You need 3 cupcakes for one pair of booties.

Slice one cupcake in half horizontally. (You will end up with two short circles.) Then slice off a part of the curved section on both circles to get a flat edge on both circles. Discard the small curved section.

Put some frosting on the flat edge of one short circle and attach to one whole cupcake. (The whole cupcake is the high-top of the bootie and the short circle is the toe of the bootie.)

Repeat with the other short circle and whole cupcake. Frost the cupcakes with either pink or blue icing and then sprinkle generously with coconut. The coconut makes them look fuzzy.

Then use tube-type decorating icing to make shoelaces. You can also dye the coconut pink or blue to match the frosting if you like.

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Baby Shower Cakes – Baby Bootie Cupcakes