Baby Showers

Baby Showers can be so much fun to attend, and yes, even fun to plan. This guide hopes to give you a few tips to make your shower planning easy and your shower a fun affair for everyone.

Once only given to first time moms, now many people are planning baby showers or “sprinkles” for subsequent babies. At a “sprinkle” you can suggest guests bring baby basic items such as diapers and wipes, coupons for sitting older siblings, or even frozen casseroles for after the baby is born.

To start your shower planning, you need to decide when to have it and whether it’s going to be a surprise. Usually, showers are held in the last two months of pregnancy. If you want it to be a surprise, you will need to enlist the help of a family member (if you aren’t one). They can help you find out what day would be good for the shower, who the honoree would like to have in attendance, where they are registered, and most importantly, help you get the honoree to the party without spoiling the surprise.

Now, you’ve set the date, it’s time to send the invitations. Decide if you want this to be an all woman shower, or if you are going to invite the guys. If you decide you want the shower to be co-ed, this will probably change the types of games you decide to play. On your invitations be sure to note the date, time, and place of the shower. Include your name and number for questions or RSVPs. You can also list any shower themes or where the honoree is registered.

OK, invitations now sent, you need to decide what party games, decorations and food you will need. It helps to make a list, so you can check off items as you complete them.


That’s it! Your party is planned and the last thing to do is sit back and have fun! Babies are special and your part in helping celebrate the arrival of your honoree’s baby will always be a special memory for her.